“At the STORM Lab we strive to improve the quality of life for people undergoing flexible endoscopy and laparoscopic surgery by creating affordable and intelligent robotic solutions.”

P. Valdastri
Director of the STORM lab UK

The research focus of the Science and Technologies Of Robotics in Medicine (STORM) Lab spans several fields of surgical robotics, with particular focus on medical capsule robots, robotic endoscopy, affordable medical devices and autonomy in robotic surgery. We aim to design technologies that have the potential to transform healthcare, improving the outcome for patients and widening accessibility of screening, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in low-income countries.

We have a strong expertise in the magnetic manipulation and localization of medical capsules which we leverage to address new solutions for painless colonoscopy and single incision laparoscopy. Soft robotics, intelligent design, advanced manufacturing and smart actuation are some of the scientific tools we use to create affordable medical technologies. We are also interested in improving the surgical robotics workflow by exploring how different levels of autonomy could enhance the surgeon’s capabilities and patient outcome, while reducing costs for the healthcare system.

The STORM Lab was founded by Prof. Pietro Valdastri in 2011 when he moved to Vanderbilt University from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. In 2016, when Prof. Valdastri moved to Leeds, the STORM Lab expanded into two Labs that are closely collaborating. The University of Leeds is an outstanding environment to advance robotics science and make a concrete impact on society thanks to the unique breadth of capabilities and resources available on campus.

This website is about the activities carried on by the UK Lab, please go HERE for information on the US Lab.